Engineering & Outsourcing

In-house engineering department

Our in-house engineering department is what makes Buwelco outstanding. In addition to our welding specialists and experienced assembly operators, we also have a team of highly qualified engineers.

Our experienced engineers will take care of

  • Detailed 3D design and modeling;
  • Design, construction, and dimensioning of the products you want;
  • Preparation of additional supporting documentation – manuals, catalogs, etc.
  • Research of a modern and cost-effective solution for your needs;

If required, the responsible engineer will visit you on-site upon your request in order to perform the necessary measurements or to discuss the design in detail.
This way we offer you an additional guarantee for a flawless completion of your design!

Everything under one roof

The strength of Buwelco JSC. lies in the teamwork of a team made up of experts with diverse knowledge in various fields.

Here you will find everything under one roof. This way we can respond quickly to the demand of our customers and offer you the best quality.

As we are a company constantly striving to evolve, all employees regularly attend various courses and trainings. This way we are always up to date with the latest technologies and can offer you products of the highest quality at very competitive prices.

Do not hesitate to contact us because we can bring your creative ideas to life.

Would you like to second one of our experienced engineers with you?

You are short of engineers or you want to strengthen your engineering department, but experience difficulties recruiting new engineers?

Here Buwelco JSC. has a solution for you too!

Our experienced engineers are at your disposal. We assist our clients in implementing successful technical projects around the world.

After an on-site visit and/or review of the assignment specifics, our engineers will be able to successfully develop the projects you want.

Are you looking for someone to design your products in 3D or make your steel structure calculations?

Please do not hesitate to contact Buwelco!